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Congratulations you have successfully submitted your entry.   

The virtual platform you used was free.  Many of the people who contributed to bringing this opportunity to you, their jobs have been extremely affected due to Covid19. There are so many people who support WCOPA each year, who are now out of work because the live event was postponed.  Many are still supporting this project to make sure we give our WCOPA family a place to share their talent with the World.   

Through the International Worldstars Association, we will accept donations from those who care. Distribution of donations will be conducted by the IWA WE CARE committee.  

A donation is not required for entry into WCOPA 2020. However together we can help those in our industry affected by Covid19. 

Your donation is greatly appreciated.



Virtual WCOPA 2020 Entry Form

Virtual entries are now closed. 

GRAND PRIZES: One overall Junior and One overall Senior will win the following:

2020 Virtual World Championships of Performing Arts Prize Package

Overall Junior Grand Champion and Overall Senior Grand Champion of the World will each receive a prize package to attend WCOPA 2021 valued at $5,500.00.

  1. 2021 WCOPA entry fee into the live event held in Anaheim, California valued at approximately $2000.00.*

  2. Special Guest and introduction at Opening Ceremonies in Disneyland 2021.

  3. Written Professional Critique by Seasoned Entertainment Industry Professionals

  4. Large Custom 2020 World Champion Trophy presented during 2021 live Grand Finale show in Anaheim, Ca.

  5. Publicity and Promotion:  IWA Feature Story, WCOPA Spotlight Article and Multi-Platform Social Media Campaign

*Prize is contingent on winner attending the 2021 WCOPA and has no monetary value. A few National Committees are adding to these winner’s packages and have additional restrictions on who may enter. Click here to see a list of countries with additional restrictions.



Every contestant will be invited to a mini boot camp. This mini boot camp will provide industry information and training from some of the best coaches in the industry.

If you are not available to watch online you will be able to watch a replay for a few days after the event. Obviously, since this is a virtual event some of the awards will be virtual. All scoring in the Gold, Silver or Bronze medalist level will receive a custom virtual certificate for medaling Gold, Silver and Bronze. Overall awards and honorable mentions will also be sent certificates online. As well as winners being presented with “Virtual Medal Certificates” in every event category and age group in both the Junior and Senior World Championships, there are specific scholarships towards competition events for WCOPA 2021.         

Scholarships: There will be scholarships awarded for the 2021 World Championships of Performing Arts that may be credited towards entry fees, attendee badges or additional events.

Facebook/Instagram Contest: Each contestant may submit a photo of themselves in a costume representing their country’s culture. Entry must tag WCOPA Instagram and include #V20WCOPA in post. Winner will receive a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Pop up Contest: During the week long activities there will be pop up contest. Keep checking the official WCOPA Facebook page and the WCOPA Instagram page for details.

All awards will be unique to the Virtual contest and will not reflect the awards presented at the Live World Championships of Performing Arts Event each year held in California.

This event is a great opportunity to test your ability in the privacy of your home and find out if your talent is “Olympic” size. To keep the cost free we had to make the awarding of medals and overall awards virtual. However, if you are awarded a medal or overall award, you may arrange for a physical award to be picked up at the 2021 event for a nominal fee or mailed to you for a nominal fee. More information concerning receiving physical awards will be emailed to you after the announcement of winners.

Register and submit your video(s) at


The only international talent and modeling competition of its kind annually held in or around “Hollywood,” entertainment capital of the world! Similar to the Olympics, only invited and qualified competitors (called WORLDSTARS) represent their countries and compete each year in a fierce competition for “the gold”! Because of the global pandemic 2020 WCOPA is being launched as a virtual competition and everyone has been invited to participate for FREE.


International WORLDSTARS are those achieving talent and models from around the world that have been exclusively screened, qualified and invited to represent their countries at the one-and-only, ultimate world championships for aspiring performers and entertainers:

  • JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF PERFORMING ARTS (JWCOPA) for achieving performers and entertainers ages 5 to 15.
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF PERFORMING ARTS (WCOPA) for aspiring performers and entertainers ages 16 and over.


Normally like the Olympics, the finest aspiring talent and modeling competitors from countries are qualified and invited. Every contestant attending the World Championships of Performing Arts system is screened, qualified and selected under specific guidelines established by WCOPA, and executed by Scouts and licensed National Directors from the invited countries. However, due to Covid-19, the virtual platform for entry has been extended to talented individuals or groups who believe they have what it takes to be the next World Champion.  A few Licensed National Selection Committees may have additional restrictions for entry.  If your country’s team has additional requirements you will be notified after entry.


Directors from 60 countries will invite talent from their respective countries to enter online.


WORLDSTARS INTERNATIONAL Inc. organizes and manages The World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), in concert with the International Selection Committee (ISC), which provides the foundation for this annual talent competition.



8560 W. Sunset Blvd. - Suite 400                              
W. Hollywood, California 90069 U.S.A



3831 Old Forest Road, Suite 6
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501



An official contestant must be a citizen and/or resident (or nationality) in good standing of the country represented, may be an amateur or professional, must agree to World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) guidelines, and must comply with the rules and regulations established by the WCOPA. 


Acting - Act may be monolog or commercial of any style. Makeup, costume and surroundings will be considered when judging your submission. 
Dance - Dance may be any style of dance. Costume or clothing along with technique will be judged to determine if it fits the style of submission. 
Instrumental - any instrument and any style may be submitted. 
Vocal - Song may be any style. Vocal may not be altered in any way through production. 
Vocal Self-Accompaniment - Vocalist playing an instrument. Vocal may not be altered in any way through production. This is where singer-songwriter may be entered. However, the performer is not required to have written the song. 
Model – Model must pose twice then walk toward camera. Then pose again up to four times and then return to the point in which you started. You may wear the outfit of your choice excluding swimwear. Clothes, makeup and overall appearance will be considered in addition to your ability to present yourself. Models may be runway, commercial, petite or plus models. 
Variety Arts - Any performance other than the categories listed above. Any act such as juggling, aerial arts, magic acts, circus act and any act you can dream up not listed above. 


A person may enter once in each category as a soloist. However, a soloist may also enter with a group. Groups may change members and enter multiple times. Please remember safe distancing practices when recording videos. You may use pre-recorded live videos but the video must not be electronically altered.


There are potentially two or perhaps three (3) rounds of preliminary competitions/performances during the Virtual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA): 

1st Round- Medalist

The first round of competition at the Virtual World Championships of the Performing Arts determines the medal certificates: gold, silver, and bronze certificates. Panels of judges score contestants by the following method: 90 -100 points = Gold rating; 80 - 89 points = Silver rating; 70 -79 points = Bronze rating; 69 points and under = fair rating. All entries in the Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings will receive a custom virtual certificate for print. The entries in a competition with the highest number of points from judges will move to the semi-finalist round. 

2nd Round Medalist- Overall World Champions

The highest scores from Round 1 are awarded overall certificate based on highest scores. The highest scores will be awarded overall in each category (Example: Acting, Dance, Model, Vocal, Vocal SA, Instrumental and Variety Arts) in each age division. In addition styles maybe taken into consideration and multiple overall certificates given in the same division.

3rd Round – Selection of Finalists

Outstanding and entertaining performers’ videos chosen during Round 2 will then be viewed by a selected panel of judges and designees by WCOPA. They will determine the Finalists who will compete for the “Grand Champion of the World” competition category titles. 

Final Round

The final round will be virtual and produced as the Grand Finale. The finale is an exciting “Showcase of Champions” virtual video competition judged by a celebrated VIP panel of Judges! The Finale will be posted on Friday at Noon Pacific Time. Grand Champions will be announced during the finale event. The finale will remain online for viewing at your convenience or for sharing with others.


The age of the contestant on July 1, 2020 determines the age category of competition. For duets, trios, quartets, choirs, groups and production numbers, it is calculated by age averaging. Every members’ age as of July 1, 2020 is added together then divided by the number of members in the group. If the average age of a group ends in 0.5 or higher, then it is rounded up to the next higher age. 

Example of calculating age:

Age on the first day of July 2020 determines the age group. Soloist age 14 on July 1, 2020 is in the 13-15 age group. Groups are determined by taking all the ages of all members and then dividing the number of members into the total. Example: ages 14, 15, 16 = 45 divided by 3 = 15. The age division would be 13 - 15. Groups should put 15 on the form where age is asked.


Special emphasis is placed on “entertainment value and marketability” during judging. This in no way takes away from the technical aspect of the performances. Performance time (for the video submission) of one minute (60 seconds) is strictly enforced. . Variety Arts performers may perform for 90 seconds. More is not better. Do not use the extra time if it does not add to the performance. Contestants with the highest scores by panels of judges in respective categories are the winners. Persons from the entertainment industry (i.e. agents, managers, casting directors, record label reps) are invited to judge. Clarity of the video, sound quality and personal appearance will be taken into consideration when selecting video performances for the finale.

Entry Form

World Championships of Performing Arts Virtual 2020

May 15, 2020 – July 10, 2020 - Online Registration and Video Submission

Friday, July 24 –

Welcome Virtual Week Begins
Outline week activities and announce pop up contest.

Saturday, July 25 – 


Sunday, July 26 -

Individual Contestant Instagram Posting

Costume (representing Country) Contest.

Staff and Directors Drop-In

Monday, July 27 – 

Competition Judging

Judges Drop In

Tuesday, July 28 –

Competition Judging

Judges Drop In

Wednesday, July 29 –

Semi Final Posting (Noon PDT)

Thursday, July 30 – 

Throwback Thursday  Posting from previous years.

Friday, July 31 –

Finale Video Competition (Noon PDT) 

You must watch to see if you are a finalist.

Grand Champions of Virtual Video Competition Awards.

Saturday, August 1 – 

Posting of All preliminary Awards:


Gold, Silver, and Bronze Certificates

Over All Winners

Junior and Senior Grand Champion

How to Enter Online?

The World Championships of Performing Arts Virtual Competition is by video submission.

Video a one-minute performance of you Dancing, Singing, Acting, Modeling, playing an Instrument and/or Variety Arts (other performances not previously listed). Entries may be solo or in groups.

Upload your recording on YouTube (recommended) or another social media where a direct link to your video entry can be provided in the registration form. Once you have your video(s) link(s) go to Online Entry and complete the entry form to finalize your registration.

Basic Rules: 

Solo and Groups may enter one video per category (Acting, Dance, Modeling Instrumental, Vocal, Vocal SA and Variety Arts). Use the same form to upload all videos for all categories you wish to enter. One form per soloist and one form per group.  Videos should be recently recorded reflecting how you are coping with Covid 19 through your talent  and should not be vocally enhanced in any way through production. Background music and vocals  may be used.  You may wear costumes and makeup/hair to reflect the style you have entered.  Time limits are 60 seconds in length except for Variety Arts which has a 90 second time limit.  Do not introduce yourself. Start talent as quickly as possible after beginning recording. It is the responsibility of the contestant to make sure videos remain active on YouTube (recommended)  or the media you choose to post. Videos will be judged on entertainment value as well as technique. All videos advancing to the finale competition will be made public.   For more information on rules unique to a category click here.

For some quick tips on how to make a video on your phone check out:


How to Film + Edit on Your Smartphone 

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Watch the Final Show of the World Championships of Performing Arts 2019

Congratulations to all the Medal Winners of WCOPA 2019

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