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Savage Afeez Ayodeji, Nigeria

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afeez ayodejiSavage Afeez Ayodeji, Nigeria
Gold and Silver Medalist 2014

My experience at WCOPA 2014 is one those experiences I never want to forget. I had fun, met people and learn how beautiful other countries' cultures, traditions and dressings are. I made a family out of the whole world in just ten days. So fascinating, one of the most important thing I also learned is that the pre conceived ideas we have about certain countries are not true at all. These people are all beautiful, kind and sweet. Also the WCOPA family accepted us all with such open arms. It was a great one and I am looking forward to being there again this year ...I will give anything to be there all over again!!!! It was the time of my life ...I love the WCOPA family....


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