2017 Scholarships Sponsors

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Scholarships Sponsors (Presented by Worldstars™) 


New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts 


2017 Recipients To Be Announced 


Millennium Dance Complex



2017 Recipients To Be Announced 

New York Film Academy 


2017 Recipients To Be Announced


Marc Williams, Indasoul Entretainment 


Platinum Music Producer who has worked with Madonna, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown and Destiny Child is offering music production for one lucky participant at WCOPA. This production will include one original song produced in collaboration with some of the top musicians & song writers in Los Angeles. This song will be produced at Indasoul studios and recorded and mixed at a prominent recording studio in Hollywood California.


2017 Recipients To Be Announced



Shele Sondheim, CSM Words and Music 

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2017 Recipients To Be Announced









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