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2017 Scholarships Sponsors

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Scholarships Sponsors (Presented by Worldstars™) 


New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts 


$20,000 scholarships 


1. Tristan Robertson, South Africa

2. Brooke Sandys, New Zealand

3. Cilene Swanepoel, South Africa

4. Marina Altman, Austria

5. Jack Tam, Hong Kong

6. Natalie Heywood, Australia

7. Daphne Pezati, Greece

8. Murray Clark, South Africa

9. Teodor Pazderka, Czech Republic

10. Ruby Donaldson—New Zealand


Millennium Dance Complex



3 month scholarship: 

1.Claire Billson - Australia

2 month scholarship:

1. Corlanie Botha - South Africa

1 month scholarship:

1. Marketa Svachova - Czech Republic
2. Michaela Janacova - Czech Republic
3. Brooke McCaffery - Australia
4. Ceara Lewis - Australia
5. Liam Wilson - Australia
6. Emma Chung - New Zealand
7. Cassidy Sykes - New Zealand
8. Nalobanaye Poswa - South Africa
9. Nonhlanhia Dhlamini - South Africa
10. Chase Colette - South Africa
11. Su-marie Cloete - South Africa
12. Chelsea Davids - South Africa
13. Takudzwa Densel Mashonganyika - Zimbawe
14. Hannah Vannatta - USA
15. Tatianna Haynes - USA
16. Maya Yung- USA
17. Rhema Heywood - USA
18. Phillip Ellington - USA
19. Kelly Murnaghan – Ireland
20. Emily Mulpeter - Ireland
21. Loren Murnaghan - Ireland
22. Jack McEneaney - Ireland
23. Lauren McKeown - Ireland
24. Naoise McGuinness - Ireland
25. Johny Duffy - Ireland 
26. Jerolle Soriano Valencia - Philippines
27. Jevin Soriano Valencia - Philippines
28. Jascel Soriano Valencia - Philippines
29. Jerome Soriano Valencia - Philippines
30. Jasper John Salvacion Ortiz - Philippines
31. Christian Ian Romano Santos - Philippines
32. Charles Darhyl Bautista - Philippines
33. Philip Tejero Del Mundo II - Philippines
34. Eugene Race Fabon - Philippines
35. Boaz Race Fabon - Philippines
36. Mark John Franca Almeria - Philippines
37. Santino Robinson – Jamaica
38. Imogen Dolland - Australia
39. Christopher Woschitz - Austria
40. Dalila Binti - Malaysia
41. Abdul Samad - Malaysia
43. Hasnioui Filali - France


New York Film Academy 


Short Term Program 25% Off

1. Daphne Pezati - Great Britain

2. Mayra Hondema - The Netherlands

3. Arielle Siage - United States

4. Elandre Grabe - South Africa

5. Charl Jean Pierre Du Plessis - South Africa

6. Anya Human - South Africa

7. Teodor Pazderka - Czech Republic

8. Milina Grace Mihic - Australia

9. Alexandra Haldes - United States

10. Glen Mclaughlin - Ireland

11. Ella Sinclair - Australia

12. Jack Bubb - New Zealand

13. Tabbitha Cline - United States

14. Paige Fallu - Australia 

15. Brix Schaumburg - Germany

$10,000 per year  - Long Term Program

1. Ruby Donaldson - New Zealand

2. Whitney Habets - The Netherlands

3. Ron Umali Gohel - Philippines

4. Tristan Gregory Robertson - South Africa

5. Murray Andrew Clark - South Africa

6. Cilene Swanepeol - South Africa

7. Ryan Eric Meyer - South Africa

8. Callum Chan - Hong Kong

9. Natalie Heywood - Australia

10. Werno Oostuyzen - South Africa

11. Dana White - Australia

12. Angel Monte De Ramos - Canada

13. Sheena Lee Santos Palad - Philippines

14. Thanyathorn Thaicharoen (Sea) - Thailand

15. Share Faith Quintilla Binas - Philippines 

Marc Williams, Indasoul Entretainment


Platinum Music Producer who has worked with Madonna, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown and Destiny Child is offering music production for one lucky participant at WCOPA. This production will include one original song produced in collaboration with some of the top musicians & song writers in Los Angeles. This song will be produced at Indasoul studios and recorded and mixed at a prominent recording studio in Hollywood California.

" I am so happy to have attended the 2016 WCOPA competitions because this year's talent pool was truly amazing. There are so many talented vocalist here that I am anxious to communicate with and potentially work with after this competition.  As for the two scholarships we are committing to this year, and we wish there were more to give, these two individuals captured the essence of what Indasoul is all about with their work ethic, commitment, sacrifice, skill and passion. We know we will come to realize that in some of the others as well. 


With that being said, here are our two scholarship recipients":

1. Marlee Shaw Piercy - USA


Shele Sondheim, CSM Words and Music

3D csm logo

Each a $5,000 value Professional Career Consultation Certificate 














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WCOPA Success Stories

  • Katie Kei (Czech Republic)
    Katie Kei (Czech Republic)

    Seventeen-year-old with a unique voice earns World-class awards and recording of 3 original songs in Los Angeles

  • Keiynan Lonsdale (Australia)
    Keiynan Lonsdale (Australia)

    KEIYNAN LONSDALE, 2007 multi-medalist from Australia. From the WCOPA stage to Super Hero - Wally West in "The Flash"

  • Junior New System (Philippines)
    Junior New System (Philippines)

    From Adversity to Stardom: Junior New System from the Philippines Soar to New Heights!

  • Alexander Pantoja (United States)
    Alexander Pantoja (United States)

    ALEXANDER PANTOJA, 2016 WCOPA Junior Grand Champion Performer of the World from the U.S., performs across the world.

  • Michael Dameski (Australia)
    Michael Dameski (Australia)

    MICHAEL DAMESKI, 2007 WCOPA junior world dance multi-medalist from Australia, continues to enjoy tremendous success.

    by Rico Aguirre


    MD 1

    "...When he was 6 years old he entered in his first dance competition the Australian Dance Idol, making the top 10 without any formal training. After that he started training at Glenda Yee School of Dance where he stayed until the decision to move over to Brent Street Studios where he was given the opportunity to represent Australia in the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Los Angeles, and received gold in each category he entered and overall Junior World Dancer. After WCOPA in 2013 he won the prestigious Australian Dancer of the Year title at the Showcase Australian Dance Championships."

    tn 500 aw 11301thebrilliantmichaeldemeski

    The show was produced by Australian Peter Oxford (founder) which had him go on to win the US dance title Rainbow Dance in Las Vegas. Dameski was a guest at the Zlatno Slavejce (Golden Nightingale) children's singing festival in Macedonia, at which he recorded a song written especially for him entitled 'One Dance'."

    MD HeadtShot

    Since then He has won numerous awards, appeared in various TV series and films. He was the lead in "Billy Elliot the Musical" in Australia, on Broadway and the national tour. In February 2014, Michael appeared on the Australian version of "So You Think You Can Dance" and on 1 May 2014 won the competition, crowned Australia's Favorite Dancer for 2014.

    SYTYCD MD Winner

    Currently, Michael is travelling with the first national tour of Newsies as Scab and a Citizen of New York.

    newsies newhot

    tn 500 paulaabdul5.28.163


    Paula Abdul attended a performance of Disney's Newsies at The Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa. Abdul manages Michael (to her right), winner of "So You Think You Can Dance" Australia in 2014

    tn 500 awp 1606paulaabdulandmichaeldameski


    He now resides in Los Angeles where he continues to perform and instruct further expanding his career and success .

    MD 2


    WCOPA is proud of you Michael!

    For more information on how to become part of this great experience go to:


    2014  Winning Performance in Australia's "So You Think You Can Dance"







  • Breeze Redwine (United Kingdom)
    Breeze Redwine (United Kingdom)

    WCOPA Team UK Alumna jumpstarts music career